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Wherefore art thou? (from Romeo and Juliet)

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This year I have created a biology class blog, here is where we do most of our homework, writing different post about different sub-subjects (the main subject is biology).

The blog post I am most proud of is LIFE OF CHARLES DARWIN, I am proud of this blog because I believe that I put a good amount of effort into it, collecting information about his life and trip.

One of the blog posts that I don’t think I did so wall at is IS MY LIFESTYLE ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE? I think I could have done a better job at it by reading the rubrics and following them to achieve a better grade and a better blog post.

my second best blog post I would think is voice thread on science vocabulary this is not an actual written blog post, it is a voice note with pictures, I am proud of this blog post because I think that I did a very good job of explaining each word and using a picture that represents each word properly.

The other blog post I could have done better is EVOLUTION!!,  I think that I could have taken more time to make the theme more clear than it is, I could also have asked for help creating the prezi for it to look more interesting and understandable.     

For the incoming semester I will try to make every blog post my best blog post, by looking at the rubrics and putting lots of effort into everything I will post.


never cry wolf
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In the movie never cry wolf, a biography, there are so many biology facts, to make this more concise I will only list the ones that seemed the most important to me.

  • Wolfs are the same family of dogs.

  • Wolfs senses are much more developed than humans because we of their contact with nature.

  • Male and female wolves mate for life

  • Only the Alfa male and female are allowed to have pups

  • Wolves only kill one caribou

  • Wolves only kill the slowest caribou, meaning that it was probably sick.


voice thread on science vocabulary
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I believe that my lifestyle is not the most environmentally sustainable. In a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most sustainable, Id say my number is probably a 5 or 6 this is because I use some things that are not environmentally friendly for example cars , plastic water bottles and plastic bags.

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Does evolution exist? Do I belive in it ? Are there other theories?  Yes! yes! and yes! want to find out more ? well here is a link for a prezi of my creation![email protected]



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Charles Darwin has affected much of the knowledge of human appearance on earth since his creation of the theory of evolution.

His theory includes other sub-theories like the theory of natural selection, the theory of overproduction and the theory of mutation.

The theory of overproduction is how the environment produces more offspring than it can support.

The theory of natural selection is how after the environment has created more offspring that it can support, the less successful variation of the species do not manage to survive. And the more successful survive and reproduce.

 The theories of mutations are how after a generation is created they are all different and how some are better off than others.

The actual theory is a mixture of all the sub-theories, is explains how one step leads to another, and so on.

Like many things there are two sides of the coin, there are creationists that believe in the theory of the bible: that God created all living things in seven days and there is the evolutionists’ theory, Charles Darwin’s theory.

 Charles Darwin increased in great deal the knowledge of how humans and animals existence on earth.





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One of the things scientists are very interested about is how life started out of practically nothing.

They know that RNA started it all but how? So to figure this out they decided to try creating RNA. They knew the ingredients but they couldn’t figure out how to “cook” them in a way to create RNA. By doing lots and lots of experiments they finally found that what they needed was light as in sun light. When they finally did this test they found that some of the C turned into U and found that it was the missing ingredient.

sophiedaniell science
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science  p6